Juno (Reworked) // Nils Frahm

This here is the gem of a study playlist, but it is so much more than that. It’s ethereal, soothing and has a big-ness of its own that fills up any space without seeming overwhelming or repetitive. If you like to work in silence, you might want to think again. I can definitely see these tracks coming together in contemporary dance pieces, or as the soundtrack to a wonderful poignant film. Needless to say, it is a work of art - elegant and just so gently pushing the boundary of aesthetics. 

Nils Frahm, whom we reviewed here on his latest single Says, has re-released his EP Juno with reworks by Peter Clark and Luke Abbott. Each track is drenched in analogue, electronica and synths glitched perfectly in a syrefined way, as is only possible in such a genre of neo-classical music. The second song Peter has an unabashed frenzy of beats, while the flowy synths of the first track, For are definitely a highlight. If you’re looking for the new soundtrack to getting stuff done, here it is. Just be warned, you’d be amazed by the sound and maybe even stopped in your tracks appreciating the beauty of this playlist.