The Motto // D/C (Medley)

I ain’t ever heard a cross-genre medley cover that sounded like this. Groovy, chill and laid-back rap vocals with a flow that’s effortless like water. Percussive tapping and a humming cello - a straight up class act that has elevated hip-hop lyrics to a sultry, smooth track that’s a hint of naughty. The result is definitely a post-electronic reinterpretation of acoustic music, and combines the following songs: 

Ready or Not // Fugees | On The Grind // Nelly | Doo Wop (That Thing) // Lauryn Hill | The Motto // Drake | Rack Rack City // Tyga

The mastermind behind this track is D/C aka Daniel Caplen, UK newcomer. His latest single Devil On My Shoulder has gained attention for its fantastic vocals. Watch it here: 

Let us know what you think of D/C’s style in the comments below! Is the minimalist electronic style in Devil On My Shoulder on its way out? Do you prefer hearing what he’s done with The Motto (Medley)